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How do you sell more Cars while sitting at Your Desk?! Car SellAR can Help You do That! Let Me Explain...

I know some days Selling Vehicles can feel like Pulling Teeth. But as you know the Process is pretty simple. To make More Money...You have to sell to more people. It's a numbers game. The more people you talk to everyday, the more people you can sell. But the Key is making Every Lead Count! Car SellAR is the Answer!


Sell More Cars Than Your Nearest Competitor Without Even Leaving Your Desk...

Our Platform lets you beam a Fully Interactive Life-Like 3d Hologram of any of Your Vehicles (in real time) into a Sales Call with your Prospect including Market Data and Vehicle Details.

Your Prospect will be able to walk around and interact with the 3D Hologram of your vehicle like it is right in front of them.

Do your Sales Presentations and Demonstrations over the Phone just like you would on the Car Lot!

Getting Customers to walk-in can be Hard. Make that first Call much more Effective.

You can even Integrate Machine Learning & Analytics into every Sales Call, use data analysis to find out what key words and phrases are helping close the sale or hurting the sale.

Double your Car Sales Every Month!

Innovative. Flexible. Affordable.

We Offer a Free 2-Week Trial Period. No Contract. No Risk.

The 1st 100 Pre-Sale Clients can lock in the Enterprise Plan Benefits for the Basic Plan Price. Sign Up Today!!!

Basic Plan

$200 per month/billed annually $215 billed monthly

  • Beam 3D Holograms of All Your Vehicles into Prospects Cell Phone.
  • Beam 3D Holograms of Vehicle Details, Market Rates, and Competitor Pricing into Sales Presentations.
  • Create up to 20 Fully Interactive 3D Holographic Models of Vehicles.
  • Up to 5 Users

Standard Plan

$350 per month/billed annually $375 billed monthly

  • Includes All of Basic Plan
  • Artificial Intelligence Enabled Referral System to acquire referral leads
  • Integrate Machine Learning Data Analysis into Every Sales Call
  • Create up to 50 Fully Interactive 3D Holographic Models of Vehicles
  • Up to 25 Users

Enterprise Plan

$500 per month/billed annually $515 billed monthly

  • Includes All of Standard Plan
  • Integrates with Lead Services to create a seamless Sales Experience
  • Create Unlimited Amount of 3D Holographic models of Vehicles
  • Unlimited Users

Bringing Auto Sales into the 21st Century! We use Interactive 3D Holograms to bring the On-Lot Sales Experience into Every Call You Make!

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